| instagram series | a prp |

| instagram series | a prp |

- taelin & mareck
- jacey & jaehyun
- seola & hansol
- bellamy & yuri
- inho & kyo
- kiji & mizuki
- samuel & hitomi
- jin & hyorin
- bailey & elijah
- joey & jimin

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- daichi & masae.
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| we are the wildlings |

| we are the wildlings |

Its amazing how one little mistake can change your life forever, how taking life for granted can be so common and thinking ‘it wouldn’t happen to me’. Death is a foreign concept to many, something they hear about but never truly think about until a fateful day when someone they love passes and it rattles their bones to reality, reminding them that this is very real and very terrifying.

That’s what happened to a group of kids in a small town on the ocean.

For generations their families have been bonded, from their grandmothers playing in the sand to their fathers going to detention together it was destined for these children to become just like them – friends.
From the small age of four the kids have been tied at the hip, though some much older then others it never seemed to be a issue to the group as they played on the beach, enjoying anothers company and eating their lunches together at school. Crushes were the biggest issue back then and many boys fought over who would marry whom while the girls all laughed and whispered about how cute the boys were. These kids grew up together, being anothers rocks, never letting the other down but sometimes one little mistake, one decision not fully processed can change that forever.

Kylie-Dawn and Samuel were only young when their lives were taken from them for a stupid decision, a decision no one stopped to think could be detramental to them all. They only lived four houses down, what could happen to two intoxicated kids, both minors, when they decided to hop into their jeep? What could happen if the others let their friends go without so much as a thought, without so much as a goodbye but a ‘see you tomorrow’? No one was thinking that night and as it all unfolded, so did they.

Now, a year has passed, their friend group dispersed due to their individual guilt of that fateful night and their lives only change once more as Mathew takes his life from the amount of emotional pain he is in from being so alone, but with his death comes a note for his friends…a note that is filled with love, with passion, with forgiveness they all didn’t think they deserved and a bucketlist of a lifetime. With a new found purpose to respect those they lost, the group of friends now so different and changed, have come together to live out their friends life, to live out all three of their lives like they would have wanted – as friends.

I know this is kind of sudden. We’ve barely talked in an entire year. We used to be best friends, completely inseparable. Things change, I guess. I wanted to let you know that I really tried. I tried for KD and for Sammy but I’m so tired. I feel like I’m drowning without any of you around. I was suffocating every day and couldn’t tell anybody. There was nothing anyone could do anyway. This was my last solution.

God, I missed you guys. It was so hard going through all of this without any of you. I guess I got pretty dependent on you all, I didn’t know how to cope when I lost all of you so slowly. We had so many plans for ourselves. Going to college together. Beach bonfires in the middle of the night. Getting older and having families. We had so many dreams built around this group and to have it ripped away so violently; I couldn’t handle it. I’m happy that you guys are moving on, but I was at a stalemate.

My best memories are with each and every one of you and that is something that I’ll be forever grateful for. Maybe we were all destined to become friends, but it was still such a privilege to have known and loved all of you. I can’t stress that enough. None of what happened is any of your faults. Never blame yourselves. Getting in that car was their decision. Taking those pills was my decision. No matter how much you love a person, it can’t always save them.

You’re probably wondering what’s in the envelope, right? Well, I’ll get down to that. I made a bucket list. There’s a list and a bunch of pictures in there so don’t spill any of it. I knew I would never do any of these things, so I wrote it for all of you. Go live. Don’t spend the rest of your lives in the same houses but never speaking to each other again. Don’t let our deaths go to waste. If KD, Sammy and I can’t live the lives we all imagined together, live it for us. Think of it as my last wish. I hope that the list brings all of you closer and helps you move on from us.

Live recklessly.

Laugh endlessly.

Love easily.

This isn’t a goodbye, it’s a see you later.

I love you guys so much it hurts,

- Matty
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| Blood Thirsty |

| Blood Thirsty |

LOCATION | Seoul, Korea |
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| A N T I - F A N | a prp |

| A N T I - F A N | a prp |

| 11/10/2016 |

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Corrine & Kiaran's Group.

Corrine & Kiaran's Group.